Adhesive Supplies Ltd

Adhesive Supplies traded from 1990 to 2010 as a supplier of Adhesives and application equipment.  Geoff Thompson was the owner and the main contact for all sales and installation enquiries. While  he was treated for Head Cancer for 12 months Strongbond Adhesives assisted in the distribution side of the business. Geoff's health deteriorated further and the business was sold to Strongbond.

Strongbond already had knowledge of both the customer base and the adhesives sold.

They were also competent in the use and repair of the application equipment used by our customers. Their email address is

All customers were visited jointly by Geoff and the owner of Strongbond, Martin Lee, and assured that the same products and equipment service would continue to be supplied. Geoff would be available if required to assist Strongbond at any time

Geoff maintains his connections with Formulated Polymers who he has worked with since 1990. Demonstrating their water borne adhesives and Latex Compounds. He is now employed by them on a part time basis and is available on call to their customers as and when required.

Although Geoffs health challenges him on a daily basis he still takes on charity work through his Church in Salford. He cooks, for fourty at a time, (sometimes as many as eighty) meals for the homeless in the Manchester and Salford area. He raises the donations, purchases, cooks and delivers meals to three homeless organisations on a regular basis.  

His email address is